April update

Salam! I have been working on some exciting projects recently. I’m delighted to be working with the Poetry Society and the Canal and Rivers Trust on a poem, working with community groups, to be displayed on the stretch of river between Sheffield and Tinsley. It’s given me ample excuses for lovely walks along this stretch of cancel recently and I’m looking forward to working with people soon. I’m even hoping to take a group on a boat with Mariam Shah at the helm!

I’ve also just finished a wonderful Mixing Roots programme with Hive. Honoured to have worked with a lovely group of talented young women from schools across Sheffield. Thanks to Hive and Vicky, for always championing and supporting the project. It would never have happened without you. Thanks to Alex Mason and Ed Poole at the University of Sheffield, and Chaucer, Silverdale, King Edwards and Handsworth Grange secondary schools.

I’m currently working on a commission for Off the Shelf Festival of Words. More soon!