Women Poets’ Prize!

Just a quick update to say… I’m absolutely delighted and honoured to be one of the three poets who have won the Women Poets’ Prize 2020 with the Rebecca Swift Foundation. I want to say – thank you to the wonderful judges Liz Berry, Pascale Petit and Malika Booker, and the team at RSF including Aki and Victoria. This is really a special thing for me and I’m particularly honoured that it’s an award for women created by women. I’m looking forward to the year ahead! 

Congratulations to all the long and shortlist and fellow winners Alisha Dietzman and Natalie Linh Bolderston. But also to all the women who entered – it’s an act of courage to put ourselves out there! Liz’s introduction was really lovely (below).

Warda xx

“It is heart-lifting to know that women are making such tender, ambitious and thrilling work, and the world of poetry is moving forwards in such capable, exciting hands. I’m so pleased to be announcing the name of our first winner, Warda Yassin. We greatly admired Warda’s poems, the lyrical grace, the clarity and vivid image-making. And we also loved the work she was doing with young women writers in her community, and through her work as a teacher. Sometimes when you lift a poet, you know in turn they will be lifting others, and that feels such a beautiful gift to pass on. So, many congratulations Warda, we’re all delighted for you and know you’re going to shine so brightly.”